Rainwater Harvesting

With water being a valued commodity, many parts of the UK are now charging households for their water usage, Rainwater Harvesting system installation have been on the increase over the recent years.

There are many benefits to storing rain water in a rain water harvesting system, the main one being the saving made on metered water costs which can see up to 50% savings.

Other key benefits to harvesting rainwater include contributing to reduced flood risks and lowering the load on combined sewer overflows improving river water quality.

We offer a wide range of storage systems and can advise you as to the right system for your home or business. We offer a free site survey help assess your requirements.

Services Include:

  • Wide range of storage systems
  • Design & Installation
  • Repairs (emergency service)
  • Inspections & maintenance.

Our highly skilled installation team is dedicated to meet deadlines. We are flexible and we can work around your business hours ensuring minimum disruption.

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